SEO Google Services

Every SEO developer want to get in bed with Google, but that’s not necessary, just use their tools, follow their guide lines and you will do well. An untapped market for SEO developers is just the businesses and websites who need a hand understanding all the tools and options Google offers. Businesses and websites know Google’s out there and their importance; they just don’t have time to tackle it all.As a SEO developer I have to diversify in a SEO saturated market, especially here in Phoenix, Arizona, where anybody who’s copied and pasted Google’s Analytics code between the header tags on an index page now feels qualified to be a SEO developer. Vital Computer Services of crack pot specialists (no that’s not a typo, you have to be a little crazy in this business), have learned the hard way with getting results using or not using Google’s tools.Consulting is a crazy business to begin with but being a SEO Consultant takes special craziness, you run into many clients who think the validity of such a career is the same as what people thought of being a Chiropractor was 20 years ago. Although you can get a certificate in SEO nowadays many SEO developers don’t have one.That’s not to say they’re not qualified, this is a field that a lot of people who were once in Marketing and liked to dabble in computers got into, or a programmer who decides to take another route (like moi-même), just the same without some type of background in marketing and or computers one would have a lot of home work to do.Personally I have over 20 years in Digital Marketing, from Los Angeles, California to Chicago, Illinois working for many companies. So I come well equipped in the SEO field with some albeit old school ideas, but proven techniques just the same. I use this experience and apply it to my SEO skills and trial by error learning as of late. Google’s Analytics is my favorite tool, because it has many of the sub tools on the very first page like – site usage, visitor’s overview, traffic sources overview, content overview and more…I also use Goals and incorporate Adsense into my Analytics, this helps when presenting reports to clients. Google’s Google Local and places are great tools to developing a relationship and becoming part of the Google family, getting your business with its own map and Google AD (optional) is great PR. Google places offer special AD’s, a good one is a monthly for about $25.00, which is pretty reasonable, and a great thing about Google is they let you put any amount of funds you can afford, when this runs out they don’t continue the ad without your Ok, meaning if you have used a credit or Bank Card, they don’t assume and just start taking fund from, you have to give them your Ok.Anyway getting back to SEO and Google Services, having extensive knowledge and experience with Google is a very Google thing, this Internet is turning into a Google experience, I figure after they buy the internet and Microsoft (He he) having the knowledge I have I can aspire to be a Google Representative, this would be a nice position to retire from, great benefits, Google is know to treat their employees very well, Google is green as it gets and planet friendly, and we all know Google University is right around the corner where your kids will get their Google Diploma’s.We already have Google Television, what happen to Google radio I don’t know, and I might be sounding a bit facetious but none of this sounds that bad, so I say lets get on board!Note: Vital Computer Services was started by Michael Robert Cummings in 1998 before Google became so popular and recognizes Google as being a leader and a good example of what a large corporation can do to enhance the internet experience into a very positive one.

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